Why Trade Forex?

Forex Market – Why do Traders Love Them

There are many reasons why they love the Forex. Let us discuss them one by one.

In the next chapters, you will be able to know why traders love Forex. Knowing them  allows you to understand Forex, stocks and its advantages. Learning these important lessons will give you the chance to be successful in the world of Forex Market, stocks and exchange.

Forex Market

Why Trade Forex Market Lessons

Advantages of Forex Market

– This includes low transaction costs & high liquidity

Forex vs. Stocks

– Which is bigger, Forex or Stocks? No one or nobody can corner the forex market even the largest financial institute. 

Forex vs. Futures

– How does futures market trade work compared with the Forex Market? As we all know, the futures market trades a shrimpy amount of $30 billion per day. That’s $30 billion. Sounds huge isn’t it? Well, that’s nothing compared to the FOUR TRILLION that is traded in the FOREX MARKET everyday.




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