Who Trades Forex?

Forex – Who Trades It?

Who Trade Forex

This is probably one of the questions that keep on boggling your mind. Now, who really trades forex? In the next lessons, we will be able to find out who are the people behind foreign exchange. If you are an absolute newbie to trading, then you might be asking yourself  this question. Who does trade forex daily in order to come up with a massive volume exceeding $4 Trillion?  Well, aside from the retail forex traders, there are also some other people behind the making of this kind of amount. This includes consumers, businesses, investors and speculators.

Also included in the forex market are money exchangers, banks, hedge fund managers and many more, actually everybody else participates in the forex market.

Anyway, in the next chapters, we will be able to learn understand who trades forex.

Here are the lessons in “Who Trades Forex”.

Forex Market Structure

The reason why there are always best prices is due to the fact the market is not centralized. Furthermore, tight competitions between banks exist. Well, in any kind of business, competition always exists.

Market Players or Traders 

When we say forex market, it means its big. Market is basically constituted of four different groups. If you want to find out where do you belong, then take a look at the next lessons.

Know Your History

Thanks for the Bretton Woods System and the amazing Al Gore. Without them, there would be no retail forex trading. So, let’s take a look at your own history!

Are you now ready for the next lessons on Forex?



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