How to Scalp the Forex Market

Scalping the Forex Market can be very profitable…or your worst nightmare. Market volatility, liquidity and news announcements can make forex scalping an exercise in insanity. However, there is a science to the madness. I get clients asking me all the time to put together a course on how to scalp the Forex market. Never going to happen.

Because my goal is to teach people to be successful in Forex I teach strategies that anyone can learn and profit from. So teaching people how to scalp the Forex market is not on the horizon. However, I do scalp the markets. I just do it using software. With the right piece of software the can look at market volume, liquidity and more you can choose the right trade entries. What do I use to scalp the Forex market? iScalper. This little piece of software works like a charm. You can click here to watch iscalper in action.




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