Forex Trading Strategy – How to Trade the Forex Trend

One of the best Forex trading strategies that you can implement into your Forex trading is trading WITH the Forex trend. Though counter-trend trading can be very profitable if you are skilled enough to do it (and I personally have a counter-trend scalping strategy that is VERY profitable) I would suggest that if you want to increase your Forex trading results that you focus on trading with trend.

“The Trend is Your Friend”

There is an old saying in the Forex trading world, “the trend is your friend” which is absolutely true. In fact, 70% of all counter-trend trades, where you are trading in the opposite direction of the trend, fail. So if you know this, that 70% of all counter trend trades fail, then I am sure you agree that a Forex trading strategy that you need to add to your arsenal is to only trade with the trend, at least until you are very skilled at counter-trend trading.




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